Are you an NRI who needs clarity on staying abroad vs moving to India?

Get un-biased help on your life abroad or a move to India, to live a better, regret-free life!
Nupur Dave | Author - Back Home

I have helped more than 230+ NRIs through my sessions, to overcome their doubts & make regret-free decisions.

Guided & Inspired 10,000+ NRIs through articles & book, as a thought leader.


Rahul Sr. Software Engineer | Seattle (Decided to Take More Time)
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It was a great help for deciding my move to RTI. Nupur is extremely friendly and fun to talk while clear out all your doubt about RTI move. I am actually thinking to schedule another session with my wife in future when we have more concrete plan of moving to india.
SowmyaFinancial Analyst | NYC (Decided to Stay Back)
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Nupur was awesome with trying to pull me back to the agenda we'd set instead of digressing too much about comparing lives - US vs India. It was a rational discussion about the pros and cons alongside empathy for the confusion since some of our personal reasons are similar. Having heard a mature 3rd person perspective, I think I am able to rationalize some of the factors since I've been on the fence for a while.
Rohit & Spouse
Rohit & SpouseFinancial Planning | Australia (Decided to move after a milestone)
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We had a great session with Nupur and highly recommend her to anyone trying to navigate through returning to India, or not. Nupur is very thorough in her approach, asks bold and thought provoking questions and provides recommendations that are best suited to your personal circumstances.
JaydeepDirector | Michigan (Got a better offer)
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I have been out of India for the last twenty three years. Nupur offered me in-depth and candid cultural perspectives on the working life in present day India. Important faux paxs to avoid especially as related to communication laterally and vertically. I also benefited from Nupur’s breadth of knowledge and insights related to judging and negotiating compensation packages in India.



Emotional guide for NRIs
who are on the fence about moving to India.

Back Home

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