For many NRIs post moving, It takes a long time to get into a regular routine. If you’re expecting to snap into a routine, the same routine of walking to starbucks in high heels at 8:55am, from the F train in NYC and taking a fast elevator to your floor– you won’t be happy with the shift in schedule. India has many things to offer, and every day is different. Your office schedule might take anything from 1 to 2 years to settle in.

People are friendly in a different way

Indians are warm and friendly, but in a different way than what you’re used to in America. Perhaps they might not nod at you in the office, or welcome you into a store, but if you’re stuck with your car tire in a sandy field, or have a broken chair you need to fix– people will fall like rain from all clouds and come from all sides to help you. In india, First impressions are not correct. Don’t go by that.

You might save more $

Surprise surprise! Given the amount of $ you earned and spent on rent, you might end up saving more in India than in the US.

You might hate the apartments

I still can’t get over the fact that you can’t find a US style apartment in India. It’s difficult if not very expensive. Be prepared for that. Actually, you can never be prepared. I just about survived my bangalore apartment and my delhi apartment. The kitchen floor would flood, or the water would run out. Or i just didn’t like the bed, or the bathroom. I can’t complain though. It’s possible i didn’t look too hard for the apartment that i would have liked.

India is advanced

India is more advanced than you think! There is so much you can do here– services and high end luxury is not hard to find if you go looking for it. You can pay by phone at many places. I have stopped taking my wallet with me now! Beauty parlour aunty takes google Pay. So yea 🙂

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Back Home, an emotional guide for NRIs

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