For Indians, the most overlooked and underestimated part about living abroad, is how cold weather affects daily life, moods and feelings.

San Francisco winters aren’t even that cold (55 F / 12 C), and yet, all I wanted to do was literally SIT in front of the tiny silver space heater I owned. The rooms in Sf, are not air tight, and the cold-ness comes quietly through the cracks of the windows. It engulfs you, like the smoke from a fire. It is a cold that goes through your skin and reach your bones, so actually, even the space heaters and blankets don’t help.

The SF winter sun is a latecomer– 7am to 4pm, right when we are inside the shades of office. SF summer also was cold. Hitting 60F at night. So, my space heater was ON, throughout the year. I was so fully used, that by its 2nd birthday, It whirred weirdly as the ballbearings got misaligned. I was so fully used to it, by now, I needed its familiar sound to put me to sleep every night.

But you never experience the cold till you get caught off guard. SF is famous for having shorts wala weather during the daytime. The clock strikes 6:00 pm and suddenly the wind and the chill is UP! If you naively trusted the weather and didn’t being a jacket with you– good luck unfreezing!

I remember going to the 75th anniv of the golden gate bridge– to see fairy tale like fireworks across the bay waters at 8pm. I was with 10 others visiting from south bay. The city of SF laughed at us that evening and taught us south-bay-ers a good lesson. We weren’t prepared at all– thinking a jacket will cut it. The cold bit in. I was shivering- I should have had gloves, scarves, topi and a double jacket. Instead of taking in the beauty of the fireworks, my mind was pleading with time to transpose me home, under the warmth of a hot hot shower.

Some people like winters a lot. I never understood that really. The things I did like about winters was wearing formal looking clothes- stockings, jacket, boots, scarves– it was a fashion fest for me! Here is a picture from my boston visit.

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I am glad I can exist here in india, without the need to have a jacket sticking to my body, or hung over my arm everytime i go out.

I think winters are great to visit. Not so much fun to live in 🙂

What’s your experience?