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I am Nupur, and I help NRIs make decisions and get clarity. 

I am also an author, ex-googler and have lived in India and the US. You can read more about me on the about me page. 

Here you will find compiled, the best resources to get you started. Explore whatever it is– living a better life abroad, or getting clarity. 

The book is a natural progression to the next step of exploring, and if you still need help, book a session with me! We can explore together and I can help you get clarity on your questions. 



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Why I moved back to India after 10+ years in the US – This viral post looks at the life of a typical NRI and an experiences that made me feel like leaving the US fulltime job and life.  

> Survey Results. Data behind How NRIs are thinking – This is data backing or busting all the assumptions you might have. Data from 500+ people was analysed in this report. 

> How a break/Sabbatical from work helped and didn’t help me – If you’re thinking of taking a break from life abroad, read this. 

> What emotional state are you in, and what to do about it – NRIs feelings range from reflecting to panic. Find out which state you are in and what you can do while in that state, to make your life better. 

Read The Book – “Back Home”. It could also be looked at from the angle of– SHOULD you move back home? For those looking to NOT move, the book gives great strategies on how to manage a life when you have to continue to live abroad.

Invited Podcasts

> Podcast with ChoosetoThinq: How to leave your comfort zone, with Nupur
> Podcast with Nails & Hammer: Back Home with Nupur Dave
> Podcast with the The Unconventional: In search of happiness with Nupur

My Youtube Channel

> My experience moving back to India from the US – The nuances of my experience should not scare you. Keep in mind that that any move should not be treated as a one-way street. 

> How moving changed me as a person – It’s not about India. It’s about making a big change in your life. You don’t have to move to India for that :), it’s merely one of the many ways to make a big change in your life– by changing your environment. 

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