Live a better life abroad!

  • Are you confused about moving to India?  
  • Do you need clarity on adjusting to life in India would be, if you moved?
  • Are you confused about career options in India vs abroad?
If you’re single:
  • Are you feeling lonely or disconnected abroad?  
  • Confused about a dating or marriage related decision?  

Remove the pain, fear or confusion around living your life abroad vs India.


Table of Contents

The Philosophy: Why NRIs Need a Counsellor

Cut Out The Noise

Asking friends about their India experiences, adds noise.

Friends talk. Through the lens of their eyes. It might not be the right answer for YOU.

You already have all the information you need to make a decision. Having a neutral third party like me, who specialises in this topic, will prevent  regret.  

 Why a session? 

I could help you over email, but anything I say would be BS. To understand what decision is right for you, the session is necessary. To know who you are. What you’re made of.

You Always Have a Choice

My philosophy is that NRI needn’t make it a virtue to return home. 

The choice of living abroad must be a choice, and not feel like a bonded prison.  If you feel this way, you really need to strategize a better life, and it IS possible. It IS possible to live abroad and be happy and patriotic. 

In a session, you will get clarity on what are those few things you can do, to walk away with confidence that you are on the right path. 

You will know what is worth worrying about. 

Case Studies

Read case studies of clients who have taken the session, and some outcomes. Everyone has a different issue. But most of them have similar themes of feelings.

Who Should Take a Session

Are you asking some of these questions?

  • Will I regret moving to India?
  • Should I moved to India?
  • What do I do about loneliness?
  • Will I adjust to Indian work culture?
  • Will kids adjust?
  • Is it worth it?
Then this session is worth it for you

Session Outline

Session Structure

  1. Why you should continue living abroad
  2. Myths about life in India
  3. Will you regret moving
  4. Your visa status and strategies to work around it
  5. Patriotic? What could you do, even if you stay abroad
  6. If you should move, then when to move- tipping point
  7. The challenges around adjusting in India & strategies to take it head on. 
  8. Salaries, Job search
  9. Work culture in India


Every client is unique and I tailor our approach depending on your needs.  My carefully collected data points will help you understand where you fit in with respect to others. Here are a few examples of the areas where I can help as part of a session:

    • Remove mental blocks
    • Understand reasons/fears/hesitations and provide feedback on it
    • Prioritisation of what you need to do and at what time
    • Logistics planning
    • Job Search
    • Salary Inputs
    • Strategy for living a better life if you are NOT moving
    • Adapting strategies in India
    • Adapting to office culture in India
    • Convincing a spouse
    • Career Discussions

You get an unbiased opinion, outside the emotional lens of family and friends.

Additionally, I also send you a pdf with action Items within 24 hours of the session. 

Why Me

 I have been helping NRIs for 5+ years. I have an abundance of unique information and experiences– Spanning Indian Govt, Villages, NGOs, working in Google India & Startups, Survey Data, and vast experience with 200+ clients. 

I have international experience with Google, Twitter and have authored a book on this topic of moving to India. 

I have a no-holds barred approach to feedback.

This session WILL change your life!

Session Pricing & Booking

Group Program

Coming Soon!
  • Group Session
  • Presentation format
  • Details coming soon

One Session

$ 275
  • One hour
  • PDF with action Items
  • Suitable for follow ups

Deep Dive

$ 495
  • Two Hours
  • PDF with action Items
  • Post Session Support
  • Tap Into My Network

Questions? Book a free 20 minute intro call with me.

What Clients Have Accomplished Post Session​


My clients have
  1. Successfully moved without regret, after following my strategy
  2. Successfully stayed back in America based on my feedback
  3. Averted poor decisions
  4. Planned their next 1-2 years
  5. Helped convince their spouses
  6. Better able to adjust once in India

Confidentiality: All sessions are fully confidential.

Post-session support: I am available for basic support post-session over email.

You don’t need to be alone anymore. You don’t need to lose any more time worrying about if you should live aboard or come to India. Or ask friends for answers that may or may not address your specific issues. You can start prioritizing your life, feeling confident with the decision you have made.


“We had a great session with Nupur and highly recommend her to anyone trying to navigate through returning to India, or not. Nupur is very thorough in her approach, asks bold and thought provoking questions and provides recommendations that are best suited to your personal circumstances.”

K & Spouse, Finance Professional (Sydney)

“Nupur is really warm to talk to and her perspective as an NRI who moved back really helped me clear my misconceptions and fears about life in India as an NRI who moved back. She also made me understand what I should be doing to make the most of my life in the US while I am still here. This session definitely helped me figure out things I need to check off my list before deciding on India move timeframe.”

T, Sr Software Engineer, (Seattle)

Nupur was awesome with trying to pull me back to the agenda we’d set instead of digressing too much about comparing lives – US vs India. It was a rational discussion about the pros and cons along with empathy for the confusion. Having heard a mature 3rd person perspective, I think I am able to rationalize some of the factors since I’ve been on the fence for a while.”

Sowmya, Analyst (Austin)

“Thanks to Nupur’s advice, we were able to more fully enjoy our last months in San Francisco and were better able to strategically plan the move to India, especially with an infant in the family.
Her experience transitioning from the United States to India and from Google to entrepreneurial ventures gave me confidence in making similar choices”


Uday, Founder (Moved to India)

I found Nupur’s blog and reached out to learn more about her experience of moving back to India. She was very courteous, friendly, and helpful and gave her unfiltered perspective. Moving back may or may not work out for you. But hearing first-hand from someone like Nupur, who has done it, may make your decision making process a little easier.”

Deepshikha, Marketing, (Seattle) 

I am relieved I could talk to Nupur about my situation. I took the Deep Dive session and it was worth every penny. She gave me a plan of action and I feel more confident about my decisions now. She even helped me know where I stand being single in the US vs India. 

A, Software Engineer (Bay Area)