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How do you make a decision to move to India after living abroad? How will you like living in India after living abroad? NRIs (Non-Resident Indians) on the fence, will find answers In this revolutionary new book. Nupur Dave has distilled key topics that help NRIs make the decision to move, or even not move. It also addresses what adjustments and struggles NRI’s have to make in society and the workplace.

The book is full of experiences that are emotional, funny, inspirational, sad, and even shocking and is backed by data from surveys that Nupur did for NRI’s who moved back to India, and data from Nupur’s consulting experience with hundreds of confused NRIs. This book shows a reality that no one will tell you.

Back Home is the answer to every NRI’s prayer: “Should I move home to India?”

The author, an NRI who has returned to India, addresses the common questions NRIs face when they are confused about moving back to India. She prompts the reader to assess whether they genuinely want to move back or they just find solace in the idea of returning to India. She asks some tough questions and prepares the NRI for the move back. 

Funny, engaging, highly informative, and anecdotal, this book will definitely answer the question “Am I ready to back home?”

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This is a fictional account of office politics that I saw while working somewhere. I penned it down just to let it out of me. To show the horrors of working with people who have a different culture than what i am used to. The book is about a Chicken who joins a new place for a noble cause and the characters she meets there. She learns new things and learns to deal with people of a different culture.

For the first time in her career, Miss Chicken Security had a strong suspicion she was being lied to, at office. This job was new. This team was new. This feeling, was also new. She never had to deal with liars at her previous job, at Unday K Funday in the Big City. For those two years at Unday K Funday— her reporting team was a bunch of self-driven, smart Chicks, with the highest of ethics. But after joining the small, local, rusty Meri Murgi farm, she gathered a few hints, that made her feel she couldn’t place her trust in the claws of her team.“

Book by Nupur Dave