The first thing I felt towards Ankur Warikoo, on the launch of his book “Do Epic Shit”, was jealousy.
Jealous! Me? I surprised me. I, an author myself, uber-supporter of other authors, uber-encourager, is jealous of someone else’s success? Howww? I dug to the root of it — I was jealous because deep down, I secretly wanted his success for my books, and I naturally, reached out for the jealousy pill.
I immediately snapped that feeling out of me, and decided to embrace the success of a fellow writer — so congrats Ankur Warikoo on writing a book. Writing a book is that one dream many have. They tell you “I also want to write a book”, and never end up writing a book.

Because, honestly, it’s hard. 

Writing 50,000 words, and stringing it up in a sensible way, takes something. But even after your hard work, it’s not all that rosy.

Here are 4 lessons I learnt after writing a book:

1) Anybody ain’t gonna your buy book

Lots of double negatives to say: no-body is going to buy your book except your target audience. I fought hard to accept that my friends didn’t buy my book. The people I quoted in the book didn’t buy the book. Even better? The people I acknowledged in my book didn’t buy it! Facepalm.
Apparently, and as they say in the tech world, It’s a”known issue”. Authors worldwide are warned to be prepared their book will be read by only and only one — the target audience. So if you’re writing a science fiction book placed in Kanpur, well — only readers who like to read about aliens landing in Kanpur, will buy it. 

2) It’s totally Legit an achievement

After I ran the Chicago full marathon, I used to think “I ran a marathon” was a great ice breaker at parties. This is so much more exciting than that! Saying “I’ve written two books” makes people go … actually wait I haven’t tested it out — my book came out during lock down. But heck, it’s one mean achievement and like that marathon, no one can take it away from you. 

3) Marketing Sucks

Where’s the humility in marketing? Marketing my book felt as fake and show-offy as… Ramanujan on Instagram, dancing and pointing to fictitious text bubbles of math equations. But in retrospect, marketing was needed. “10 days to book launch” countdown is needed because… it works! People do get influenced by traditional marketing practises. 

4) Dreams and Reality are different

I dreamt reading to a Crossword book launch audience my funny chapter on NRIs opening doors, while holding my book, a 1 inch thick, hardcover with blue background and yellow text. What was the reality? I ended up with a 0.30 inch paperback with a white background, red-black text, on amazon and I read a chapter to an unwilling teammate over zoom. Fame is rare.

Having said all this, If you’re still thinking of writing a book. What are you waiting for? DO EPIC SHIT!

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