About Nupur

Nupur’s work experience spans US and India

In the USA, Nupur spent time at: Google (10 yrs), Twitter, did a 2 Month Sabbatical, Google NGO program, and has an MS from Georgia Tech 

After moving to India, she was at: Prime Ministers Office (Govt. Of India), Google (Bangalore), 2 Startups, Wrote 2 books, and Surveyed 200+ Villages in Madhya Pradesh. She now counsels NRIs.

Nupur has lived in 

While in the USA (13 Yrs): Atlanta, Sunnyvale, San Francisco.

India (Post 2016): Pune, Bangalore, Bhopal, New Delhi 


          When I look back at my life in the US, I could have done so many things differently to live a better life. I now want to help NRIs live their best life by giving them clarity.


In my 13 years in the USA, I went through a roller coaster of emotions about moving back to India. I didn’t want to leave, but then I’d also say things like Buy a House? No way, how will I move to India then?” or

 “Can’t date him… he wants to live in the US for the rest of his life!“…. 

Take friday off? No wait, I need those leaves for my India trip“. 

I feared the future. If only I knew back then, where I would eventually land up. I wish I had someone to help guide me at that time. Even if it was to tell me “It’s ok. You don’t need to sell that sofa now just because you *think* you’re moving to India next year”.

I did end up moving to India, and after I did, I tried a lot of of “NRI returned enthu person” things (you’ll see it on my linkedin). I wrote two books and tried “odd jobs”.  My opinion of people, places and even my own self, has changed. And that is why my philosophy is:  NRIs should do what is right for them, at that phase in their life. There is no “brain drain” and no “return to India movement”. There is only “do what is right for you, at this time, in your life”. 

I’ve counselled 200+ NRIs on staying back In the US and also wrote the bestseller book BACK HOME, the only book that talks about the topic of NRIs emotional needs. 

It’s been 5 years & counting– helping NRIs make better decisions. 

I’ll be so over the moon if I can help you with something. 

Write to me! Will love to hear from you.